Isobel was clear in her brief that she wanted her site to reflect the calm, beautiful appearance of her holiday cottages. She also found it important that the customers could easily navigate to her booking agency. No content management system was requested at the start of the brief so I initially began designing a static page. However, later down the project the client requested a news section to be added to the homepage. I resolved this by strapping wordpress to the static site and using PHP queries to display a loop of posts under the title “News”. Using clean, calm colours with the aid of photoshop I was able to design the site with the correct feel from the cottage, attracting potential holiday makers. I worked closely with a photographer to make sure we had the correct images for the front slider and the individual cottage pages.

This is one of the first websites I created and would love the opportunity to revisit it. I would update the styling with animations and a framework to make it responsive.

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