Albion were a new, fresh local band in Bourne, UK. They came to me in search of a modern, professional website. The purpose of the site was a central hub for their fans and a marketing tool to win more gigs.

They requested their own content management but stressed computer illiteracy. I realised that the band was already uploading media and content, but onto existing sites. For example, they uploaded all their music to bandcamp and all their gig dates to their google calendar. This gave me an idea. I was still able to avoid WordPress and write all the layout and styling from scratch, but I embedded applets from different sites to display their media. This was ideal for me because it gave me more flexibility to practice my skills creating the perfect design. Also, making it easier for the band to update their media, and distribute it to all devices.

I am proud of the unique layout of this site and believe it fitted their design criteria perfectly.

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